High Vibration Tips for School and Work

High Vibration Tips for School and Work
June 17, 2017 SG_Main_Admin

High Vibration Tips for School and Work


I am often asked about whether vibration and energy really matter in the course of our lives.  My wholehearted answer is of course, YES!  But let me share a bit more about the “why.”  As Albert Einstein told us, “Everything is energy, and that’s all there is to it.  Match the frequency of the reality you want, and you cannot help but get that reality.  It can be no other way.  This is not philosophy.  This is physics.”


In more simple terms, when we keep our energy and vibration high, we attract things that are more positive into our lives.  If we continually hold the thought that life is hard and things are bad, that is what we will attract as well.    Have you ever wondered about people who seem to float effortlessly through life and good things just happen to them all the time?  We think their life is wonderful and that makes them happy.  But what if the opposite were true?  What if they hold a vibration of happiness, joy, and gratitude, and therefore that is what comes into their life as a result of already being happy?  The Universe, God, the Creator (however you define that amazing source of all creation) wants to give us what we desire.  The book “The Secret” and “A Conversation with God” talk about this in great detail, so I won’t go into it here.  But the basic idea is that by holding our vibration intentionally at a higher level, it changes the energy of everything we do and touch.


In the book Cosmic Kitty, vibration makes a difference on whether CK can get home.  Her vibration drops over time while visiting a lower dimension and she cannot find her way back to her own world without purposefully raising her frequency.  For those of us still living in the 3rd dimension, raising our vibration can change what comes into our lives, help us to feel better physically, and even help with things like tests and school!  Here are a few easy ways we can all work more with the magic of high vibrational energy:


  • Get quiet – The world is moving so fast! Sit down for 10-15 minutes a day, minimum, and just “be.”  Turn off the phone, TV, and other distractions.  Choose to quiet your mind and perhaps use some meditation techniques or a mantra to get grounded.  My current favorite mantra I repeat during the day is “Align. Allow. Let Go.” compliments of John Stringer.   Do this for a week, and you will see a difference!


  • Check your thoughts – If more of your thoughts are negative than positive, think about how you can change them. When you catch yourself thinking negative things, especially about yourself, invite them to go away, and replace them with more positive thoughts.  I like to throw in some gratitude and thankfulness when that happens as well.  The key is not to be upset with yourself for having negative thoughts.  Just make a habit of noticing them, and then you can change them.


  • Visualize gold and white light – When you or someone else is upset at school, home, or work, picture gold and white light coming down from the sky and circling you and/or the person who is upset. This calming light will help to diffuse some of the negative energy being created.


  • Go outside in nature – This seems simple, but it works. Trees, flowers, animals, water, and other parts of nature are a simple way to raise your energy.  Adding the fresh air can usually clear your head as well.  A nice, slow walk in the woods will do wonders!  But leave your cell phone off!  No texting and walking!


  • Help someone else – It’s amazing how being of service to others without expecting anything in return can change your perspective and raise your vibration. Small acts of kindness make a big difference to you and the person you helped!


There are many other ways to raise your vibration, both internal and external.  Stones and oils, clearing negative energy, song and dance… These are all ways to help raise your vibration.  Share some of your ideas on how you raise your vibration and the benefits you have seen in the comments below!