My Personal Journey – Part 1

My Personal Journey – Part 1
May 6, 2017 SG_Main_Admin

My Personal Journey – Part 1


I have been asked many times by both old friends and colleagues how I got into all this “metaphysical stuff”? Those who have known me for years know me most as a business person, a world traveler, a good hostess, a Disney buff, a daughter/sister/aunt, a volunteer, a debater, a highly verbal introvert, and many more descriptions.   But most don’t include “intuitive reader, life coach or metaphysician.”   Meanwhile, some of my more recent friends in the metaphysical world say “You are in corporate, really? How’d that happen?”   So I thought I would take a little space on my blog to share a few highlights from my personal story.



In all the world, whoever thought I’d make it to 46? At age 5, that seemed so far away I could not fathom the concept. And now, looking back, I realize it was all exactly as it was meant to be. I chose my parents wisely; daughter of a banker and a hematologist turned horse breeder (lovely Hanoverian Warmbloods). I even picked out a little brother along the way, or maybe he chose me? However you see it, I am very blessed indeed.

As I look back on my life, I see the milestones that developed me personally. Early in my school career, I was bullied by others in school. In those days (yes, the 1970s) the consensus was that bullying was part of growing up, it toughens you up for life. But for a highly sensitive 7-year old, I didn’t know how to handle it. So I just shut down. I turned off my emotions and turned to analytics and people pleasing, and food. Part of my personal journey has been to bring back the intuition I cut off early on.

When we moved cities at the age of 13, I found myself in public school for the first time, which I loved! I found my niche’ on the debate team and had my “first” truly Divine experience as a high school senior. I listened to my intuition and at the 11th hour, turned down a four-year full debate scholarship for a partial scholarship to a completely different college.   It was the best decision ever. My liberal arts college choice at St. Andrews in Laurinburg, NC was eye opening in many ways! It sent me to Stirling, Scotland for a year, and eventually, I landed in Hong Kong, again on Divine guidance, resume in hand, looking for a job. I secured a position with a Chinese manufacturing company (first Westerner to work there) and then ended up working for Walt Disney in Hong Kong doing merchandising and product development (think about all that stuff you buy in the Parks). It was an amazing experience!

Fast forward.   After five years in Hong Kong, I came back to the States to complete my MBA at Georgetown University in D.C. and then went to work for a start-up company in the education space in Baltimore, MD. It was the 2000 tech boom (then bust) after all. I learned a ton in that role about setting up a business, software development and leadership. As luck (Divine intervention) would have it, a company re-organization gave me the opportunity to return to my Georgia roots. After fourteen years out of the state, it was time to come home.

So I came full circle back to Columbus, GA. to become involved in this little five trillion dollar industry called “payments.”   After a few years as an internal consultant for hire for our clients, I did a favor for an Executive and changed roles. I stood up a Learning and Development function for my company as part of a spin out. That is where I got my start in Leadership facilitation and coaching, at a corporate level. Then, as my career continued, I ended up in Product for the same company, again standing up a new business unit.

Eleven years and two long term relationships later, it was time to move again. Atlanta called. I missed city life. My house sold in seven days and I rented a townhome 1.3 miles from the headquarters of a company who would call me two weeks later recruiting me for a Corporate Strategy position, which I took. I love being in Atlanta, close enough to family but with access to the city and all it has to offer. That is the part of my life most people know. I will continue in Part 2 with the part many don’t know.

Thanks for reading!