Cosmic Kitty and Friends, from the book Cosmic Kitty; A Mindful, Metaphysical Journey, is a great way to share positive messages with students of all ages.  It is a small novel best for middle grades with other younger books in progress.  However, the positive messages apply to any age group. A teacher’s guide with different age-appropriate activities is in design as well. If you would like to contribute, please contact  You can read the first chapter for free on Amazon as well.


The Cosmic Kitty characters and their positive messages can be downloaded for free and cut out for use on classroom bulletin boards. Change them out each month! Teach students how to choose joy, be yourself and listen to your heart! If you want to know more about the characters, click here for their bios. Sticker sheets are also available at a discounted price for classroom use.

To receive free copies of presentations that include characters and their thought bubbles for use on bulletin boards, please email



Sharing Cosmic Kitty and the journey of becoming an author is exciting! Programs range from presentations to teachers on how to use CK in the classroom to the discussion of themes with Education majors at Universities to sharing parts of the book with children while they are reading Cosmic Kitty. I also enjoy discussing how she came about from my childhood doodle when I was seven years old and the journey to being a full book! These programs are a great way for students of all ages to learn more about their own creative talents!

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“Our children are more aware now than in any generation in recent history.  Keeping their intuitive gifts open is one of the greatest gifts we can ever give them.”  Shannon Gill, Consultant, Author, Coach