In my work with organizations, I bring the business elements and people elements together to support win/win success for both the organization and the individual. I also help organizations to align their strategy to achieve intended purpose and goals, all through several different services.



Working with organizations to develop strategies or find alignment in their people, processes, and systems is both rewarding and fulfilling. As a facilitator, I bring direct experience in the areas of strategy, operations, L&D, and product. With this background, I help organizations leverage the strength and diversity of their teams to develop solutions and action plans, sometimes using a fast, efficient process called “Compression Planning.”   Together we develop a clear vision and direction for the organization with concrete plans and next steps.

Topics of expertise, among others, include:

  • Employee Engagement Action Planning
  • Long and Short-Term Business Strategy Development
  • Business Unit Goals and Actions
  • Targeted Problem Solving / Solution Development
  • Leadership and People Initiatives



With over 20 years of experience leading teams (and four years running Learning and Development for a Fortune 1000 company), I thoroughly enjoy helping individuals on their leadership and personal development journey.

I am certified in the DDI (Development Dimensions International) IM programs if you have a license and need an experienced leader to facilitate delivery in your organization.  I am also Birkman certified as well.

I offer several unique programs to support employee personal development initiatives including:

  • Team Effectiveness Workshops
  • Conscious Leadership Training Programs
  • Leader Alignment around Strategic Direction
  • Coaching Circles* Starter Package Program that you own
  • Lunch and Learn and Short Sessions for employees to bring in resilience skills and internal motivation

*Coaching Circles is a proprietary process that allows organizations to create community and share wisdom within a specific group such as Female Leaders, a community organization or other affinity groups who have similar interests. I start the process over 3-4 sessions with the intention that it can be handed off and facilitated by someone inside the organization long term if desired.



From Conferences to Civic / Women’s Groups to Corporate Lunch and Learns, I speak on several different topics that will connect with your audience and provide insights and meaning into their lives. My content generally focuses on the personal development side while bringing in science and practical business information where appropriate. It can be customized to your audience and timing needs.

Current favorites include:

  • The Happiness Roadmap; Changing the Paradigm of Employee Engagement
  • Finding Purpose in Work and Life
  • Get Unstuck! Overcoming Personal Blocks and Barriers
  • Taking Action for Success
  • Other customized topics around employee engagement, generational differences, women in the workplace, mindfulness (education and workplace), and Intuitive Intelligence



As a mentor and coach, I support clients in 1:1 sessions either in person or via phone. My particular “sweet spots” include new and mid-career female leaders building their leadership abilities and female executives in the midst of personal transformation, transition, and change. Topics can include everything from leadership skill building to dealing with difficult situations in the workplace to developing a strategy for the next phase of career or life. I am available for individual sessions to provide support on a specific situation in addition to longer coaching engagements that may include components such as 360 feedback collection and team coaching.

“The key to employee engagement is not only in the organizational environment but also in the perception of self-worth held by the individuals who work there. Raise self-esteem and self-worth of your people, and you will raise productivity and loyalty.”   – Shannon Gill, Consultant, Author, Coach