Step into OUR Power….

Step into OUR Power….
May 2, 2017 SG_Main_Admin

Step into OUR Power….

This blog is dedicated to Dwaine, a photographer and videographer here in Atlanta. We met recently at a post-meditation birthday party for our mutual friend, the fabulous John Stringer. If you don’t know John’s music, look him up. You’ll love it! But I digress….. The reason I am dedicating this to Dwaine is because it was our collective discussion that brought a unique and new perspective to an old concept for both of us on this interesting evening.

With so many of my coaching clients and friends, we always talk about the need to “step into my power”. We all know mentally and philosophically we are part of the Divine. We know we are special and unique. We know we are meant to do great things in support of our higher purpose. We say as we sit around talking about these concepts…. “I just need to step into my power” or “If only she would step into her power, she is capable of so much amazingness!”

As Dwaine and I chatted over birthday cake, we both realized we had a common barrier to truly executing on our dreams. We began to discuss the concept of what barriers were holding us back from “stepping into greatness” and “living up to our potential”. Great party talk, right? But it was perfect and exactly as it was meant to be.

Anyway, as with most internal barriers, the root cause for both of us came back to self-worth. Who are we to be great? And if we do succeed in creating the amazing things we are capable of creating, can we even handle that level of responsibility and hold the energy of our creation? Or would it be too much to maintain?

That is when we hit our collective “aha” moment, spurred by some of John’s teachings and comments earlier in the evening. When people who channel work bring in guidance from celestial beings, spirits, God, source or whatever Divine creator you reference, their intention is always to be as clear a vessel as possible for the messages they get, so they can help others. If they have any other intention, run far away. But when someone who brings in messages from spirit is a clear channel, they are not acting alone. They are only acting as a receiver (think satellite dish) for the messages and information coming from a higher and more Divine place.   This led us to a thought.

Perhaps the reason we are hesitant to “step into power” is because we think of it as the act of a single person. I need to “step into MY power”. The limiting and false belief that anything of greatness comes from a single person is a myth. The reality is that all great creations, innovations, and even miracles, were not the work of a single person alone. They were the work of a single person who was “tapped into” the collective strength of the Creator and all the beings connected from a higher dimension. When a person “steps into his or her power” in a way that is truly transformative, he /she may be accessing their internal strength, but that deep, internal, heart level power is also the clear gateway and channel to pull in the power of everyone else on this planet, the Creator God and the Universe. The person is being a “clear vessel or receiver” to bring in the greatness for which he or she was destined. If you think of all the scientists, spiritual advisors, philosophers and others who seemed to “walk into their accomplishments”, I now believe their greatest skill was clearly tapping into the power of the Universe already available to them.

So as Dwaine and I stood contemplating this immense personal revelation, we realized that the reason we were afraid to step into our power is because we were assuming we would be the same individual person we are now, but trying to do more and bigger things. We had not made the leap that says “stepping into power” is not about me showing up in the same way I always do, individually. “Stepping into power” is actually about pulling in the full force of the collective consciousness available to us to craft and bring our purpose to life. And that includes all the amazing force and manifestation behind it. Literally we are bringing in the power of God and the Universe when we create, and our role is just to be a clear receiver for that energy. That is something we CAN do. What a shift in understanding over cake!

As we stood a bit “ah” struck for a moment or two, I also realized that even in our vocabulary we are using the wrong words to describe this experience. Instead of saying to myself “I am stepping into MY power” as an affirmation,   my new affirmation is “I am stepping into OUR power”. To remind myself that I am worthy and capable of this task at hand, because it is not the solo “me” undergoing the adventure. But it is “me” acting as a clear channel to bring in all the power of the universe and the collective soul to my projects.

Think about the greatest thing you know you are capable of doing. What is holding you back? What are the fears and barriers you are throwing up to yourself? If you had the whole of the Universe at your disposal what could you do then? Well my darling reader, you have it! May your prayer and intention be “let’s step in to OUR power” and bring in the Divine support that is just waiting for you to ask. I look forward to hearing about the unlimited potential that is tapped in that process!