The 60-Day Challenge – Bringing Mindfulness and Metaphysics to Health

The 60-Day Challenge – Bringing Mindfulness and Metaphysics to Health
August 19, 2017 SG_Main_Admin

The 60-Day Challenge – Bringing Mindfulness and Metaphysics to Health

I have struggled with my weight and physical well-being most of my life.  From a very early age I started seeing dieticians, participating in sports and controlling food intake, all in the name of losing pounds and fat.   Like many in my situation, once the diet or fitness program is done, the weight comes right back and often with a vengeance.  I have tried, and had some success, with almost every diet out there.  Yet, here I sit today, 60+ pounds heavier than I would prefer for my highly active, engaged, energetic life.


As I shift my priorities in my life to reflect more of my true calling and purpose, I have also decided to shift my body to match.  I recently joined a gym, and as the Universe would have it, they just happen to be running a transformation and weight loss challenge called “The 60-Day Challenge”.   As these things go, we have weekly weigh-ins, regularly motivational and educational topics and activities, a leader board and fitness coaches, both in the local gym and nationally, to support participants.  Oh, and a large cash prize, always a nice motivational touch!


I signed up, but also decided to add another layer.   Weight loss is not just about what you do physically and what you eat.  It’s about your mindset, your intentions, re-programming your brain and beliefs, uncovering and releasing old fears and blocks and the vibration you hold in the process.  Physical health is only one leg of the mind, body, spirit stool that supports us.  Why not fully bring the other two “legs” into the picture?


 In that vein, I am going to take all the spiritual and mental work I have been doing around mindfulness and metaphysics over the last several years and apply it to my health in this 60-day challenge.  And, I plan to blog about it every week to share the journey with each of you.

Here are a few things I am starting out of the gate, in addition to food logging and exercise:

  • Daily meditation – helps me make more conscious, real time, better choices
  • Visualization – see myself as fit and healthy – Vision Board anyone?
  • Vibration / Manifestation – what does perfect health feel like at a frequency level?
  • Affirmations – re-train that brain and those beliefs around health
  • Water / Food Blessings – did you know you increase the vibration of food and water with positive thoughts and energy? (I will prove it in a future article, stay tuned)


These are just a few I am using to start.  I will talk more about each of these in addition to others I bring into the process.  Feel free to join the conversation on my facebook page @shangillauthor each week!

Join me in this live, real-time experiment on how metaphysics and mindfulness can “AMP UP” our health and fitness goals!