How to Prepare for Sessions

Our time together is unique and tailored specifically for you. Please think about what you want to achieve during our session and how I can best help you. If this is your first session and we are doing life purpose work, I will send you some forms to fill out ahead of time and you send them back to me or bring them with you for our session. They will help us facilitate our discussion. If you just want to talk through ideas or problem solve issues, there is nothing to do ahead of time.

During sessions, I highly recommend clients take their own notes. I will usually make a few notes as well, but they are usually for my own purposes. You are welcome to record our sessions on a phone or other device if that is helpful. Sometimes things come up and it can be useful to replay the conversation later.

Above all, realize this is part of your journey and you are in a safe, loving and supportive environment. Everything we discuss is confidential and I will not judge you. You can tell me anything. This is your time to release, discuss, and be open and honest with yourself.

I look forward to working with you!

“Fear is an emotion to be thanked. It serves a purpose. If we no longer need it, we name it, pet it, thank it and send it on its way.” – Shannon Gill, Life Strategist