What is a Life Strategist?

A Life Strategist is a coach and mentor who helps people to bring out their joy and passion through living life on, and with, purpose.   As a strategist, I help individuals figure out what they came here to do. What is the “bigger picture” for their life, and I don’t mean just work, though that is a critical component. I help clients decide how they want to navigate their life. We find ways to connect with the higher self; to close the gap between our dreams and the reality we live each day. Much of that gap comes from not understanding, or even ignoring, our true purpose. Many of us feel a struggle with the “daily drudge” of living. Often this struggle comes about because we are not in alignment with those higher ideals of what we want to do and who we want to be.

Creating a Life Strategy is about finding true purpose and mission. We do What is my life purpose questionthis through a lot of personal self-awareness work along with some intuitive guidance as well. Once we have identified and defined more about your purpose (if that is needed), then we look at how it aligns with where you are today. In the business world we call this looking at “current” and “future” state and making a comparison. Creating a strategy is about understanding where you want to go and figuring out how you get there. And like a business, where we want to go can shift as the environment around us shifts and as we change and grow. Often in life, we focus on the destination and not on the journey. This is not the best way to achieve growth, especially personal growth. For our soul, the journey is an extremely important part. That is how we grow into the person we want to be or the role we want to have or the job we desire or the relationship we want. The journey is just as important, if not more, than the destination. That is how we spend our entire life is on the journey – so choose to make it YOUR journey and enjoy it!!

“The gap between your current state and the future state you desire is only as wide as your most limiting beliefs.”   – Shannon Gill, Life Strategist