Why Metaphysical People Suck at Manifestation (or what metaphysical folks can learn from the Business Community)

Why Metaphysical People Suck at Manifestation (or what metaphysical folks can learn from the Business Community)
July 1, 2017 SG_Main_Admin

Why Metaphysical People Suck at Manifestation

(OR what metaphysical folks can learn from the Business Community)


I debated the title of this post many times. “Is it too rough? Will I offend some friends? What about respect and vocabulary?” And I decided “Nope. This is the title.” With the 1980’s Bon Jovi song “It’s My Life” playing in the background, it dawned on me that my corporate friends have a lot to teach the metaphysical community, not just the other way around, as I have often seen it.


In my last few encounters with groups in the metaphysical community, at least one or more people have made a statement that went something like this. “I am open to whatever the Universe wants me to do.” Or “I will go in the direction which I am led.” Or “I am waiting for God (or my Guides) to tell me what to do.” I found it very curious because I too have made those statements myself many times. However, in the last few months, a different kind of guidance has come to my attention. The Universe wants to provide for us, that is very true! But it also wants to know what we want it to create. This is our life on Earth. And the Universe, God, Guides and the other Divine beings who assist us want us to make the choices. Yes, there are definitely better and worst choices for sure. However, many metaphysical people wait for the Universe to either do it for them or make a choice so clear they cannot make a bad decision. Sometimes, based on the lesson our soul needs to learn, the “bad” decision is the right one. We need to make it, learn it and move on.


I had a great reading with a dear friend recently, and it came to light that I was not clear or specific enough around what I wanted, and I was sending confusing messages, and thus confusing vibrations, to the Universe. No wonder some of my creations were not jumping off my vision board!


If there is one thing successful business folks are good at, it’s picking a direction and driving forward. Jack Welsh of GE fame sums it up by saying “In real life, strategy is actually very straightforward. You pick a general direction and implement like hell.”  While that may be a bit crass when applied to our personal lives, the sentiment is true. Manifestation is a combination of things brought together.


1) Choose a direction – Be very specific about what you want (perhaps even use SMART goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time bound for some of the interim steps). Do you want a specific building for your business? Choose it. Do you want a certain amount of money in your bank account? Choose it. Be specific versus asking for “whatever is best and highest.” Even in Tom Moore’s book, “The Gentle Way,” he talks about “Most Benevolent Outcomes.” You still tell the Universe exactly what you want (the parking place by the door), but you add the phrase “or the Most Benevolent Outcome” at the end of your phrase if you want to cover yourself for the Universe having a better idea. Other people do this by adding “or something better” after their requests, but the request itself is still very specific.


2) Set the Vibration and Emotion – Part of manifestation is acting as if you already have it. The Universe wants to give you more of what you want. Choose to live in the vibration of what you want. If your direction and choice will make you blissfully happy, then find ways to create that frequency BEFORE it happens. Bliss and joy come from inside, not outside things. Set the vibration to bring what you want in. Lots of books on this one. Check back here later this summer for my reference and resources page coming soon on shangill.com.


3) Set and Work a Plan – Set action steps and small goals along the way. So often we think the Universe will do it for us, deliver the right resources or make everything appear. Then we get frustrated when it doesn’t. Remember, this is YOUR journey or experience. You have free will and make the choices. The Universe is just here to help in the co-creative process of your journey by giving you what you want at a conscious and subconscious level. Show the Universe you are “all in.” Want a new relationship? Make sure there is room in the house for someone else by cleaning out the closet or making a parking space. Want a new business? Network. Open doors. Do your marketing. Put in the same amount of effort you would expect the Universe to provide for you and the results will amaze you.


4) Gratitude – We all know this one. Be thankful consistently for all you have and all that is coming. This helps with the vibration, and as things begin to show up for you, your gratitude will bring even more of it to you faster.


The business community gets a lot done. They set their intentions, create plans and move forward. They don’t wait for someone else to tell them what to do, physically or spiritually, though I do believe more of them use their intuition than will admit it. While Business can learn a lot about better ways of employee engagement from the metaphysical community, the metaphysical community can learn a lot about manifestation from them.  And that is why I live in and love both groups!!