Cosmic Kitty

About the Book 

Cosmic Kitty is a book for young people to adults which explains metaphysical and mindfulness concepts through the journey of a fictional character and her adventures.

In the story, Cosmic Kitty (CK) travels to a different dimension (3rd) where she encounters a bully (herself!) and then must figure out how to get back home. Along the way, she makes new friends and meets her spirit guides and her departed grandmother, here to help her from the spirit world.

The book includes two original songs and teaches readers about meditation, raising vibration, being conscious in our decisions, asking questions, dealing with bullies and many other concepts. A fun read for kids and adults both!

Cosmic Kitty is available at any book retailer. If they do not have it in stock, it can easily be ordered. The full first chapter is available for preview on Amazon.

Meet Cosmic Kitty 

Cosmic Kitty is a character I have been doodling since I was seven.   I even drew Joy-ville, Sunny, Moon Man and other characters, though they had no names at the time. I did not realize that one day, when I hit my mid-40’s, these characters would demand to be a book on concepts I didn’t even know existed when I was seven.   And today, they are here to help all of us better understand the journey we are taking in our life and with each other.

I hope you will enjoy Cosmic Kitty as much as I have enjoyed working with her story and drawing her. She does have a second book in the wings, just starting to take form. In addition, I am working on a series in full color for younger kids that will explore some of the concepts individually. A teacher’s guide for using Cosmic Kitty as part of a mindfulness curriculum will also be coming out in 2018.

I hope you enjoy your time with Cosmic Kitty (CK to her friends) and her journey helps you to bring forth and enjoy your own!




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