In my work with organizations there are several ways to connect. Please contact me directly to discuss your needs.



I speak on a number of topics related to everything from business strategy to employee engagement to mindfulness and metaphysics to being a woman in the workplace. Depending on the audience, I customize the message to ensure it is appropriate and motivating for those listening.



I offer unique workshops for organizations and companies. Most are personal development, focused on assisting individuals to find more satisfaction and joy in their life. For corporations, we often add elements on personal alignment with corporate strategies and values. Current favorites include topics such as “Finding Purpose in Work” (or Life depending on the audience), “Overcoming Barriers and Blocks,” “Taking Action for Results” and “Aligning Corporate and Personal Values.” Please feel free to request a full list of topics. All workshops include customization to ensure maximum benefit for the audience.



Using Cosmic Kitty to explore mindfulness and metaphysical topics in a group is becoming increasingly popular! Please contact me for significant volume discounts. I am available to facilitate discussion sessions in person or online. Also, I can provide facilitator guides for teachers and coaches to use in their programs. Adult and kid versions will be available in Spring 2017.


As my schedule allows, I work with individual clients. Please contact me directly to discuss options.



I work with people individually either via phone or in person. Topics include everything from creating an overarching life strategy to working on specific and deeper topics like barriers and blocks. I also do personal readings using Tarot and Oracle cards as part of the coaching session, if requested. Please contact me directly for scheduling appointments.   ($125 / hour)

“The gap between your current state and the future state you desire is only as wide as your most limiting beliefs. ”   – Shannon Gill, Life Strategy Consultant, Author, Coach